Top 3 Hair Care Products and Why You Need Them

There are SO many hair care products on the market, it can be difficult to find the right ones! Each claiming spectacular results, but not every product will deliver. That’s why we’ve kept it simple and created a list of the Top 3 hair care products you need from Capelli!


Emmebi Nutry Care Shampoo

Everyone needs a good shampoo, so why not use one with innovative, healthy ingredients that is proven to deliver great results. The Emmebi shampoo is designed to clean dry, fragile and damaged hair -- everyone can benefit from this amazing product!


Emmebi Nutry Care Cream

Emmebi Nutry Care Cream is a luxurious step for those looking to really regenerate and heal their hair. As a special cream, this product will plump and volumize your style. It is made with innovative ingredients like snail slime, wheat and great proteins, and is designed for dry, fragile and brittle hair!


Emmebi Nutry Care Mask

The Emmebi Nutry Care Mask is a regenerating hair mask formulated with effective ingredients like snail slime extract, ceramides, vitamins and proteins. It keeps the hair hydrated and protected between washes.


Pro Tip: we recommend using this as a pre-wash hair mask. Apply the product onto damp hair, leave on for at least three minutes, then shower regularly for silky, smooth results!

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