Why You Should Choose Capelli Hair Extensions

There are so many hair extension brands on the market. It can be confusing and overwhelming to pick the right one! So, why choose Capelli? Today, we’re here to tell you why!


Highest Quality

The hair behind Capelli Hair Extensions is ethically sourced from Indian Temples - Meaning, Indians donate willingly their hair, and the temples proceeds are used for charitable operations.

Remy hair is never been treated and preserves all its natural qualities. It is considered to be the best quality available on the market, providing the perfect base for high end, luxuriously silky and tangle-free hair extensions!

This gives Capelli the healthiest Remy hair and leaves you with the beautiful hair you’ve always wanted.


Diverse Range

Here at Capelli, we carry a diverse range of hair extensions so that you can find what works best for you and never leave unsatisfied! Whether you're looking for plug and play extensions - like PonyHalo or Clip-Ins - or a semi-permanent professional system, we’ve got you covered!


Complementing Products

Besides extensions, at our Houston showroom and at our online store, you can find high end hair treatments and styling products to take care of your hair and look always at your best.

And last but not least at Capelli you can find professional tools, like scissorshair brushes, hot styling tools and many others - the perfect complements to your hair extensions!


Exceptional Customer Service

Not only is our hair of the highest quality, our range diverse, and our products amazing -- our customer service is exceptional! Here at Capelli, we are always ready to help YOU find the perfect fit each and every time. You can contact our showroom at TELEPHONE: 1-888-406-2282 or 1-713-429-5780 ||| E-MAILinfo@capelli-extensions.com for any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help. Additionally, you can reach out on our Instagram @Capelli_Hair_Extensions for more information!

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