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Clip-Ins by Capelli

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Get gorgeous, effortless, W-O-W hair in 5 minutes or less with Clip-In Hair Extensions by Capelli. 

Our Clip-Ins are ready-to-wear, easy-to-attach and made with high-quality, 100% Real Remy Hair.⁠ Clip-Ins come in sets of multiple clips in a variety of widths for a customized and natural look. Includes 9 total Clip-Ins. 

How To Use: 

**How you place Clip-Ins will vary depending on the width and size of your head**

  1. Open the clips attached to Capelli Clip-Ins
  2. Section off a small part of your hair 
  3. Place, close and secure the Clip-In 
  4. Cover the clip with your hair 
  5. Repeat until you reach your desired look 

Perfect for any hair type, color and length. Achieve natural-looking length and volume with Capelli Clip-Ins!

Clip-Ins by Capelli
Clip-Ins by Capelli Sale price$165.00