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Extension Storage Bag with Hanger
Pro Hair Extension Small Brush - Made in Italy
Capelli Grippers  - Set of 2
Salon Cape
Salon Cape Sale price$39.00
Protector Shields - 5 per Pk
Fusion Tool
Fusion Tool Sale price$39.00
Sold outSingle sided Tape
Single sided Tape Sale price$10.00
Double sided Tape
Double sided Tape Sale price$10.00
Sold outTape Pliers
Tape Pliers Sale price$34.00
Black Plier by CAPELLI
Black Plier by CAPELLI Sale price$37.00
Small Scissor
Small Scissor Sale price$12.00
T-Pins Sale price$5.00
Silver Clips - SHORT Neck 20 per pk
Silver Clips - LONG Neck 10 per pk
Shark Clips -  Black or Pink 6 pk
Pro Pull with 3 looper heads
Beads for Hair Extensions
Beads for Hair Extensions Sale priceFrom $14.00
Large Threads for sew in methods
Small Clips-  12 pk ( Clip Ins)
Small Threads for sew in methods
Extension Remover 4.0 oz Sale price$12.90