Don’t give up your extensions for the summer!

Don’t want the sun and the sea to ruin your extensions this summer? Capelli is here to help!

Just follow these simple rules that will help you maintain the high quality of your extensions.


1. Wash the extensions at least once a week with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner dedicated to your texture.

2. Keep your hair hydrated by using a hair mask at least once a month, using silicone-free products.


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3. After swimming in the sea or in the pool, rinse the hair with fresh water, to eliminate chlorine or salt, which tend to spoil and dry the hair. 

4. Use, just as you would on your hair, sun exposure moisturizers.

Comb the wet extensions, always starting from the ends working your way up towards the roots, gently eliminating any knots.


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6. Use elastic bands without metal inserts, such as plastic or fabric-covered elastics, which tend not to heat up or tear hair.

7. Last but not least,
keep your skin hydrated even when wearing extensions, allowing your hair to grow naturally.


The most important thing is to always use good products, starting by selecting only high quality human hair extensions. For this you can rely on Capelli that offers extensions 100% Human Remi Hair of the finest quality!

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Now that you are ready to enjoy the summer we just have to wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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