Hand-Tied hair and Micro Wefts. What are they?!

The extension world can be… overwhelming. You hear things like hand-tied, machine-tied, hybrids, micro wefts… and that can leave you feeling confused and unsure of what it is that you actually need for your client. 

So let’s talk about the two biggest types of extensions currently taking the hair world by storm.

Hand-Tied hair is wefts that have been created one by one by hand. While a Micro Weft is a weft that is hand-tied but has been machine reinforced. Now while that might seem like a minuscule difference, it can make a big difference to your clients. So let’s talk about all of the pros and cons of each.  

The biggest perk of using a hand-tied weft is the ability to customize the color. If you choose to root, or lowlight, the wefts, the seam (the area where it is tied together at the top) will color as well, making the blend absolutely flawless. After all, a seamless blend is what we’re looking for! One downside of hand-tied hair is the potential for it to shed. If you cut hand-tied hair you MUST glue and flatten the ends in order to ensure the weft doesn’t unravel. If your client likes to pick at the seam, or the wefts have lived a long life, then it could also begin to shed. Another con is the return of the hair. Many artists refer to it as the “mustache”. These are the little hairs at the top of the weft. While all hand-tied wefts (regardless of brand) have return it is usually not noticeable, but if a client has a sensitive scalp it can bother them.


This brings me to micro wefts. The absolute BEST thing about them is… no shedding! You can cut them and place them directly on the head with no worries. Since they are machine reinforced they do not require any kind of gluing to stop the shed. If you have very active clients who like to surf, cycle, or spend a lot of time sweating, the wefts will not break down. Micro wefts also do not have any return aka mustaches. But there is one downside. Since the seam is machine reinforced that means it can NOT be colored. So if you have a level 10 weft and want to add a level 8 root, the hair will color beautifully, but the seam will still be that level 10. Honestly, that can be annoying. 

But there is a very easy way to get around it. If you know micro wefts are a great option for your client but you still want to color the roots, you can use a hand-tied weft as a veil, or overlay. Meaning one weft (Or 1.5 wefts) goes all the way from the start of the row to the end of the row. Using a hand-tied weft as an overlay assures that the color will still blend seamlessly no matter which way the wind blows. 

Having both in the salon allows you to have the option to give your client whatever is best for them! If you’re still feeling a little stressed about which you should use, you can always call us here at Capelli (713)-429-5780 and we’ll be happy to assist you! After all, hair is a big investment and you want to feel confident with your purchase. 




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