A Guide to Capelli Consumer Extensions

Here at Capelli Hair Extensions, we carry three different types of hair extensions made for the consumer, everyday woman and gal-on-the-go! Today, we are breaking down the different options and helping you discover which is right for you. 

If you want... 

Simple application in 5 minutes or less 

Complete customization in placement and volume

To cover up particular spots on the head

Clip-Ins by Capelli offer the consumer a customized, natural and gorgeous look, with easy and simple application. If you are looking for a way to cover up unwanted spots, increase volume in certain areas and get a fuller look, Capelli Clip-Ins are right for you! 


If you want...

The easiest, quickest and most effortless application 

Instant length and volume all over the head 

Fast and simple removal process 

Halo by Capelli offers the consumer instant volume and stunning length, with the quickest and most simple application. If you are looking to increase overall hair volume and length in the easiest possible way, Halo by Capelli is right for you! 

 If you want...

A ready-to-wear and easy hairstyle

Application in 3 minutes or less 

The sleek, chic, high-pony look

Pony by Capelli offers the consumer a gorgeous, W-O-W style that will make heads turn. If you are looking for the thick, long, high-pony look, Pony by Capelli is right for you! 



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