5 Quick and Simple Summer Hairstyles

We wait all year long for summertime. The warm weather, sunshine, long days and fun nights! And when it comes, it somehow always passes us by a little too quickly. 

We spend our days busy and our nights busier. Beach parties, backyard barbecues, boat days, Bellinis - there's barely time for anything! 

With our sunshine packed schedules, who has time to worry about keeping up with your hair in the heat?! Especially when you're likely to jump in a pool, dip in the ocean, or honestly sweat it off anyway! 

We have cultivated a short list of 5 of our favorite quick and simple summer hairstyles. Bonus: none of them require heat, your hair gets enough of that in the sun! 

A simple look that goes a long way. The top knot bun is the perfect summer hairstyle because it keeps your hair off your neck, face and back, keeping you cool all beach day long! 

If your into a more relaxed, boho look, beach braids are perfect for you! Braids are great because they can be customized: Whether you want a tight and neat, or loose and messy style, either can be achieved easily and look great all summer! 

Easily spice up your look with hair accessories this summer! You can use headbands, hair scarves, clips and so much more to add a little somethin' to any style. 

A classic, but a must! The sleek pony is the ultimate summer hair style in, our opinion. It keeps your hair back and out of the way, cools you down, is easily achieved and looks so chic. 

QUICK TIP: use the Pony by Capelli to achieve this look, but better, in 5 minutes or less! 

You might be saying, obviously right about now -- But the all natural look is one of the best summer-inspired styles you can do. Use some beach wave or texture spray, on damp or dry hair. and go enjoy your hot, fun, summer day! 


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