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Article: The Ethicality Behind Capelli Hair Extensions

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The Ethicality Behind Capelli Hair Extensions

Today we are demystifying the way you may think about hair extensions. Capelli was created with the mission to ethically source the healthiest, real and most beautiful hair possible for all of our consumers and professional stylists. 

Our hair is treated with a very gentle process to create the most gorgeous colors, while maintaining the hair’s original integrity. 

Let’s dive a little deeper! 

hair, hair extensions, ethicality, Indian Remy Hair

The hair behind Capelli Hair Extensions is ethically sourced from Indian Temples. Indian hair has an ethical background because it is not collected person-by-person and does not deal with small compensation in exchange for hair. Instead, the hair is donated willingly and as an act of devotion and sacrifice. 

In India, there is a religious custom of donating the hair once, sometimes twice in a person's lifetime. This ritual allows people to offer up something of extreme value in the culture.

The most amazing part: after selling the hair to the market, the money made is not kept for selfish and personal usage. Instead, it is subsidized for charity operations! 

There are many perks of Indian hair: it is free of color and treatment, it has more body and there is a soft, light, wavy texture to it. Typically, Indian hair is more suitable for the Western market especially because many consumers in this market have some texture to their hair, making it the perfect match. Indian hair is more delicate, so we handle our hair with great delicacy to preserve the exceptional, natural quality! 

Indian Remy hair is considered as the best quality hair available on the market. The natural qualities of the Indian Remy hair are conserved and it is completely untreated. Specifically, all of the hair cuticles are facing the same direction, making it feel luxuriously silky and tangle-free! 

The advanced technology used to treat Capelli preserves the virgin hair we receive from India by depigmenting the cuticle from the inside out. This leaves us with the healthiest Remy hair and leaves you with the beautiful hair you’ve always wanted. 

Today in the hair extension market, there is a lot of speculation about where hair comes from and many concerning questions about ethicality. We wanted to share with you this information about Capelli Hair Extensions so you now know a little bit more about where our hair comes from and how it's treated! 


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