5 Back To School Hair Essentials

It's officially back to school season! Here at Capelli, we've got you covered with the top 5 necessary hair essentials for back to school! 

First and most importantly, heat protectant spray. With all of the styling tools you'll be using to keep your hair in check this season, you're going to need some protection from the heat -- save those luscious locks! 

Who doesn't like to look put together for the back to school season?! Styling your hair with low quality tools can cause a lot of unwanted damage. Whether its curly, wavy or straight, use a high-quality hair tool to achieve your desired back to school look!  


After a long work week and eventful weekend, there is nothing better to do on a Sunday than self care! Self care Sundays are the best way to unwind and reset for the week ahead. A hydrating hair mask is a necessary addition to your self care routine.

If you’re a gal-on-the-go, this one’s for you! Back to school means alarms, to-go coffees and running out the door -- A high quality hairbrush to keep in your bag is essential to keep yourself together and your hair looking good all day long.

Everyone knows that Friday night feeling; The work week is over and it's time for weekend activities to begin. Whether that’s getting dinner with friends, hitting the bars or simply some time in with loved ones, elevate your look with a killer set of extensions!


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