Vacation Tips and Tricks for Extensions

As the Summer of Love in New York is approaching (or where every you may be located), I wanted to take a moment to give some tips for taking care of your extensions while on vacation!



  • AVOID chlorine if you can 
  • If you know you can’t avoid it and want to live your life, prep your hair by wetting first, then adding conditioner to protect the hair
  • If you accidentally go in chlorinated water, please wash and deep condition immediately after. Be sure to gently brush the conditioner through 


  • Avoid getting hair wet. 
  • If you can’t avoid it, secure hair with a low pony or regular braid 
  • ALWAYS brush thoroughly after 
  • Do not go to sleep with wet, unbrushed hair 


  • Sunscreen stains blonde extensions pink and/or orange
  • Avoid sunscreens containing avobenzone & oxybenzone 
  • Safe sunscreens to use are: Supergoop & Sun bum 




Hairstylist, Colorist and Extension Expert

Based in New York City and Los Angeles. While in New York City, I work at Hair Throne Salon, where I am also a certified extension expert. My specialty is hand tied wefts.

  • @amandaozardhair

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