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Article: Capelli Opens Retail Store in the Heart of Houston

Capelli Opens Retail Store in the Heart of Houston

Capelli Opens Retail Store in the Heart of Houston

Capelli Hair Extensions opened its new store in June located in the heart of Houston, the Montrose - River Oaks area off Allen Parkway, a convenient location for stylists and local women to stop and shop for the perfect high-quality hair extensions, professional haircare products and hot tools.
Capelli Hair Extensions has been in wholesale business for over 12 years and is now officially opening its doors to cater directly to the everyday woman. Carrying name brands such as Capelli, Mago, GHD, Emmebi Italia, LeaderCam, Shidosha and more, Capelli Hair Extensions carries all the hairstyles, colors and tools you need to keep your hair looking its best every day.
Emanuele Campardo, CEO and Founder, says, “Capelli Hair Extensions is driven by our passion for quality, love and attention to detail. We believe clients should not only have quality but options as well when it comes to their extensions. That is why we strive to provide the finest hair extensions in various methods and textures.” 
Capelli Hair Extensions ethically sources the healthiest, real and most beautiful hair possible. This hair is then treated with a very gentle process to create the most gorgeous colors, while also maintaining the hair's original integrity. 
Their hair extensions provide a glamorous transformation for anyone who desires to have a luscious blowout or just some length to add to their “do.” Capelli has easy-to-use products for the every-day beauty seeker and exclusives products for salon professionals that require a beauty license to purchase. Professional discounts applicable.  
Capelli currently offers: keratin bonds, tape ins, hand tied weft and the new Mago extensions which is a knot based method. Every system comes in a variety of colors, textures and lengths. Clip-ins, Wefts, Halos and other do-it-yourself extension pieces are available. Other products sold in store include: hairbrushes, hot styling tools, scissors, hair care products and more.
Capelli sells great pieces for every occasion.  Want a long, sleek Pony tail for a wedding? They have it. Easy Clip-Ins for an upcoming event where you want to look your best? You know, they have that. No matter what kind of look you are going for, Capelli is sure to have you leaving their store with everything you need to achieve your new confident look. As Ariana Grande says in her song... “Want it, I got it.” And you definitely will get it at Capelli Hair Extensions.
If you are interested in professional high-quality hair extensions, visit and experience the Capelli Hair Extensions retail store.
Be a trendsetter.  Wear Capelli Hair Extensions.
For info and ordering:
Call: (713) 429-5780
Follow Capelli Hair Extensions on Social Media for weekly hair inspiration & trends.
Instagram: @Capelli_Hair_Extensions
Facebook: @Capelli Hair Extensions
About Capelli
Capelli Hair Extensions is focused on providing the highest quality available on the beauty marketplace. We combine our Italian expertise to the healthiest, most beautiful hair with a very gentle treatment and a thorough quality control produces our excellence in hair extensions. This ensures the 100% human Remy hair feels luxuriously silky while remaining tangle–free. 

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