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Micro Weft by Capelli
Micro Weft by Capelli

Only available for Professionals

Keratin Bond by Capelli
Keratin Bond by Capelli

Only available for Licensed Keratin Bond Professionals

Mago Knot Method
Mago Knot Method

Only available for Licensed Mago Professionals

Tape by Capelli
Tape by Capelli Sale priceFrom $71.00
Clip-Ins by Capelli
Clip-Ins by Capelli Sale priceFrom $37.00
Flat Weft by Capelli
Flat Weft by Capelli Sale priceFrom $215.00
Pro Hair Extension Small Brush - Made in Italy
I-Tip by Capelli
I-Tip by Capelli

Only available for Professionals

Small Threads for sew in methods
Double sided Tape
Double sided Tape Sale price$10.00
Volume Weft by Capelli
Volume Weft by Capelli Sale priceFrom $79.00
Protector Shields - 5 per Pk
Large Threads for sew in methods
Pony by Capelli
Pony by Capelli Sale priceFrom $195.00
Fusion Tool
Fusion Tool Sale price$39.00
Halo by Capelli
Halo by Capelli Sale priceFrom $209.00
Sold outSave $51.00Nano-Dry Fix Repair, Rejuvenate & Cleanse Essentials Hair Kit
Emmebi Nutry Care Shampoo 300ml
Emmebi Nutry Care Face Mask
Emmebi Nutry Care Face Mask Sale price$15.00
Emmebi Nutry Care Cream
Emmebi Nutry Care Cream Sale price$35.00
Capelli Grippers  - Set of 2
Small Scissor
Small Scissor Sale price$12.00
Silver Clips - SHORT Neck 20 per pk
Pro Pull with 3 looper heads
Extension Remover 4.0 oz Sale price$12.90
Shark Clips -  Black or Pink 6 pk
Extension Storage Bag with Hanger
Emmebi Nutry Care Mask 200ml
T-Pins Sale price$5.00
Small Clips-  12 pk ( Clip Ins)
Sold outLeader Diva 8003 6" Scissor
Leader Diva 8003 6" Scissor Sale price$345.00
Black Plier by CAPELLI
Black Plier by CAPELLI Sale price$37.00
Sold outEmmebi Nutry Care Mask 500ml
Sold outTape Pliers
Tape Pliers Sale price$34.00
Sold outSingle sided Tape
Single sided Tape Sale price$10.00
Silver Clips - LONG Neck 10 per pk
Sold outShidosha Damask 5.5" Scissor
Shidosha Damask 5.5" Scissor Sale price$1,025.00
Shidosha Black Titanium 6" Scissor
Salon Cape
Salon Cape Sale price$39.00
Sold outNano DryFix Treatment Masque
Sold outNano DryFix Thermal Repairing Leave-in Spray
Sold outNano DryFix Shampoo
Nano DryFix Shampoo Sale price$31.00
Sold outNano DryFix Micro Therapy Leave-In Treatment
Leader Trendy 6" Scissor
Leader Trendy 6" Scissor Sale price$95.00
Leader Trendy 5.5" Thinner Scissor
Sold outLeader Trendy 5.5" Scissor
Leader Trendy 5.5" Scissor Sale price$90.00
Sold outLeader Passione 2007 7" Scissor
Sold outLeader Passione 2007 6" Scissor