How to Extend the Life of Your Hair Extensions

A common question from our clients that we and our stylists often get asked is how to best extend the life of their extensions. The answer can differ depending on the type of extension applied and hair type of the client. 

But the good news is that Capelli Hair Extensions are made with 100% Human Remy hair, of the most exceptional quality. The natural qualities of the Indian Remy hair are conserved, it is completely untreated and all of the hair cuticles are facing the same direction. This means that the extensions feel luxuriously silky and are tangle-free! 

Now to the good stuff, some tips & tricks to make your Capelli Hair Extensions last longer! 

Brush, brush, brush!

This may seem like a given but it's one of the most important things when taking care of your extensions! Brushing often prevents matting and tangling and reduces shedding and breakage. This in turn extends the quality and life of your extensions. 

Wash correctly, and not too often

While it would be amazing for your extensions to never wash them, we all know that's impractical. Make sure to wash your extensions cautiously and limit your washing routine. 

We recommend investing in shampoo and conditioner that is extensions-safe, like the Emmebi line. While washing your hair and extensions, scrub lightly and gently, without flipping over your hair. Finally, resist the urge to wrap your wet hair up in a towel after the shower. Not only is this potentially damaging to the extensions, but also your natural hair! 

Minimize heat and use high-quality tools

Everyone loves to style their hair, and we’re not here to stop you! However, we do encourage you to limit heat exposure as much as possible and when you do take tools to your hair, make sure they are high-quality. GHD hair tools are a great example of styling tools made with advanced technology, limiting the damage to your hair! 


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