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Have you ever looked at a client's photos, and their inspiration and you think “I’m going to have to order 6 colors to make this match!” I know I have!

And then the stress kicks in wondering if you have enough of a particular color, maybe too much, or if it’s going to be too “stripey” and pronounced. 

We understand the stress that can cause and really wanted to find a solution for you.

Welcome to the B line. The B line is a custom-created blended line. Each one contains at minimum two different colors to add dimension without having to purchase 5 different colors 😅

B1- a mix of levels 1-3. Perfect for darker brunettes who still want a little bit of dimension without doing anything too aggressive. 

B2- is a combination of C7 & C11. Imagine it to be a level 8 mixed with a level ten. It adds JUST enough dimension that your blonde client will feel like her hair is brighter and pops. We all know bright blondes can see a darker weft and freak out, especially when it has the potential to come out too stripey. If you have blonde clients like this go straight for B2. 

B4- this is the most dimensional of the B line. A mix of C4, C7 & C11. It looks like a level 5, with a level 8, and level 11. Now that might sound scary, but the colors are blended so seamlessly B4 becomes the PERFECT weft colors for all brondes. If you want the overall look to be a little brighter you can mix in more C7 or C11. If you want a darker bronde, you can mix in more C4. Either way, it’s a must for all bronde clients. 


B5- is a combination of C6 & C8R. These two colors create subtle depth. It’s especially great for brunettes who want to see dimension but they don’t want to be lightened too much or too boldly. If you have a brunette that wants some pops, this is a great base color to mix with something lighter!


Hopefully, this will take away some of the stress of ordering wefts. But hey, if you need help choosing the best colors… call us at +1(713) 429 5780, and we’ll be happy to walk you through whatever you need!




Extension Specialist

Specializing in weft extension methods and education on creating the perfect custom blend.

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