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Single sided Tape

Sale price$10.00
SKU: 8464

Tabs 5 Sheets - 12 Tabs per sheet - 60 tabs total

They come in various strengths.

They last 6-8 weeks.

These single side adhesive tape tabs are used to replace your current tape tabs and allow
to reuse the tape extensions.

They have a matte finish to make them invisible in the hair.


Regular: These are used for lighter applications and ease the stress of back-to-back
tape extensions also called a sandwich. So that only 1 extension is being used on that section of hair. Ideal for people with thin hair. They leave little to no residue in the hair.

Strongest: These are used for extra hold, also recommended for oily hair. They are perfect for users looking to ease the stress of two hair extensions on one section of hair. They leave minimal residue in the hair.