Mago Knot Method

Experience the magic of the Mago Knot Method Hair Extensions. The most natural, lightweight and flexible hair extension available today that does not harm your hair!

Individual hair extensions are made ready-to-attach, on a ring (shown), all you need to do is simply pull and tighten the knot! ⁠⁠The Knot then will make a double knot attaching itself on to the hair.⁠ No machines, no chemical solvents, no heavy tools required for removal. Removal of the extensions are just a scissor cut away.⁠ Made with real Remy Hair.

Capelli Hair Extensions is the exclusive retailer of Mago Hair Products in the USA. Want to get certified in The Mago Hair Knot Method? Email

This product is only available for purchase by professionals. Licensed professionals must be certified in the Mago Method in order to process orders for Mago Method products.

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  • 14”

    18” in Body Wave


  • Solid Light

    Solid Dark


  • 25 pcs / pack

    Premade Knot

    Cotton Polyester Thread