Our Story

One night spinning my brain while in bed, as it most often happens, I said to myself: I’m gonna open a store! Well, to be precise it was “aprirò un negozio!”, as I still think in Italian!  The next morning I woke up and I started to look for potential locations. 9 months later, “my pregnancy” delivered the Capelli Store, a beautiful space located at 526 Waugh Drive in Houston.

After 12 years of supplying high-end hair extensions to professionals and salons I witnessed this new phenomenon where hair extensions, from a hair solution for women wanting to make up for thin hair or difficult to grow, morphed into becoming a beauty accessory.

Until recently, most of the customers wearing extensions were not inclined to disclose their beauty secret and kept it well guarded, sometimes even to their own partners! (Yes I know!)

The attitude has definitely changed and now customers talk freely about their extensions like they would do for a new handbag or pair of shoes: look at this, do you like it? I got it there, it’s a new method,…

This translated into the need and search for more DIY products and opened up opportunities to many new companies to enter this market.

However, producing a quality hair extension is not an easy task by any means and most of the new products that came into the market are no exception to this rule.

So, I said to myself: why can’t I offer all these people the opportunity and a place where to find a high quality product? And that’s when that night my brain got pregnant with the store idea.