• Pony by Capelli
  • Pony by Capelli

Pony by Capelli

Make heads turn with the Pony hair extension by Capelli! 
Stylish, high-quality, ready-to-wear & easy to style in 2 steps. 
1. Brush your hair back into a ponytail at your desired height. ⁠
2. Wrap the pony hair extensions around your ponytail, lay the Velcro on top as you wrap it around until you reach the finished piece.⁠
Perfect for any hair type, color or length and for the gal on the go! 
  • Length
  • Colors
  • Details
  • 20" Only

  • Solid Light

    Solid Dark

  • 100g

    Clip with Silicone Grip

    Velcro hair Covered Wrap

  • $195.00